Android 11: The six best features

It looks like Android 10 only just hit the flexibility airwaves. Android 10 is baked in as well as functioning to excellence - at least that holds true on my Google Pixel 4. However as is the wont of Google, Android is always moving on. The designer preview of Android 11 was released, and also it includes intriguing functions that might or may not make it to the last version.

This Android 11 launch is only indicated for designers, so don't bother looking it out and also installing it on your sustained device; otherwise, you will certainly wind up suffering endless irritation.

best android 11 features

Android 11's most interesting features

1. Scheduled dark theme

I'm going to admit: I'm not a fan of the dark motif on Android. However that has nothing to do with the platform, or its take on the attribute - I simply uncommitted for the raw contrast of the look. Also, I hardly ever use my Android gadget at night. My Kindle remains in dark mode a lot of the time, so I comprehend the charm of the function.

That being said, Android 11 is reported to currently have the capability to arrange when your gadget changes to dark setting. You can either establish a personalized time or have Android shift between dark and light setting based on sunrise/sunset times in your time zone.

2. Chat Head bubbles are back

A lot of Android customers have actually utilized the Chat Head bubbles located in Facebook's Messenger application. Numerous hardcore Android users have actually understood about the possibility of such an attribute creeping its means right into other applications, which time has ultimately come.

With Android 11, the bubbles include will make its way to mass rollout. Google has actually educated programmers to begin making use of the bubbles API, so once Android 11 ships, apps must be making use of the device.

I wish our Android displays aren't inundated with bubbles. If so, ideally, they'll be conveniently "popped.".

3. One-time permission

In Google's pursuit to perfect Android safety as well as privacy, the business will launch a brand-new alternative in the system's authorization system. In Android 10, you have the option to approve an app 2 different permissions for place gain access to: While Making use of The Application or Reject. In Android 11, a new authorization will appear: Only This Time.

Simply put, users will certainly have the ability to give an app consent to use place gain access to once. There's no indication if this consent request will certainly occur every single time you open the app, or if it's a one-and-done alternative, which suggests you would have to re-install the app to give it location access.

No matter how the attribute end up, at the very least we understand Google is functioning to improve the protection and also privacy of the system.

4. Screen recording

In order to capture screen recordings on Android, I have actually had to use a third-party device like AZ Screen Recorder; with the launch of Android 11, that application might no more be essential.

This screen recording function briefly showed up in one of the Android 10 builds, however promptly disappeared-- there's no way to recognize if it'll carry out the exact same vanishing act by the time Android 11 present. With any luck, this time the developers will certainly leave the attribute in, so customers can take video screen grabs of their gadgets to show others.

5. Motion Sense gesture

This function will only be on the Pixel line of tools, at the very least in the beginning. The attribute permits you to pause/play with an Activity Feeling motion. So while paying attention to music, you can gesture with your device to stop or play the current tune. This will come in handy if you continuously need to pause your songs to talk with an actual human.

6. Share Menu pinning

The Android Share menu has constantly been a factor of opinion for me. Although Android's Share Food selection has vastly improved from release to launch (Android 10 is the very best yet), it has actually never ever failed to irritate. Why?

I have a tendency to show a pick few people, using a choose couple of apps, as well as yet the Share Food selection seldom reveals the proper combination of shares. As an example, when I show Get in touch with A, I always utilize Application B; nonetheless, the Android Share Menu never ever fails to reveal Call A with Application C. And the application I most often share to is Google Drive, though Google Drive is always hidden in the Share Food selection till I show to the application in question the first time that day. Even then, it can still get hidden.

With Android 11, you'll finally have the ability to pin applications and also faster ways to the Share Menu. This feature briefly showed up in the Android 10 build cycle however never made it to final release. With any luck, this time around the attribute will continue to be.

Android 11's release day

As of now, there is no official launch day for Android 11. The developer sneak peek for Android 11 was released one month earlier than it was for Android 10, so maybe easy to assume Android 11 could be released a month or two earlier. Does that mean the Android 11 beta program will begin earlier than common? I don't recognize, though I anticipate Android 11 will certainly be launched in September 2020. And, as you all have come to anticipate, that will certainly first hit Pixel devices and after that ever before so slowly turn out to other devices. So, if you desire first dibs on Android 11, it's time to reach a Pixel.