How to Stop iPhone From Automatically Turning Off

You can conveniently quit your iPhone or iPad screen from switching off automatically or increase the auto-shut off time, in case you are troubled by how quickly your apple iphone enters into rest setting while you are still in the middle of utilizing it.

How to Stop iPhone From Automatically Turning Off

iPhone Screen Auto-Lock Feature

By default, your iPhone or iPad is set to shut off or enter into sleep setting after a specific duration of inactivity.

This setup is made to save battery life as well as it additionally reduces the possibilities of unapproved access to your tool, in case you leave it ignored.

As you need to have discovered, apple iphone is clever enough to immediately disable sleep setting, whenever you are carrying out activities like seeing a flick or a music video.

However, for the majority of other tasks the default auto-lock setting on iPhone is one minute, which is the factor for your iPhone automatically turning OFF.

This default behaviour can be rather frustrating and also numerous users are trying to find a means to Quit apple iphone Screen from Turning OFF Automatically

1. Stop iPhone Screen From Turning Off Automatically

Follow the steps listed below to quit apple iphone display from shutting off Immediately, to make sure that you can maintain using your device without any disturbance.

1. Open up Settings on your apple iphone.
2. On the Setups display, scroll down and also touch on Display & Brightness.
3. On Present & Brightness screen, tap on Auto-Lock.
4. On the next screen, choose the Never alternative.

This will entirely prevent apple iphone screen from turning off instantly.

Note: Maintaining the Auto-Lock Setting to 'Never ever' can make your iPhone susceptible to the possibility of unapproved use, in case you happen to leave your phone unattended.

2. Increase iPhone Auto Lock Period

Rather than entirely shutting off the Auto-Lock feature, you can try to raise the period prior to which iPhone screen instantly switches off.

1. Go to Settings > Display & Brightness > Auto-Lock  > On the following display, faucet on 2 minutes.

After this you will certainly locate your apple iphone entering into rest mode after 2 minutes of lack of exercise.

If this is not nearly enough, you can boost the Auto-Lock period to 3, 4 or 5 mins.